Taco body, taco body, taco body, groovin'


Askimbo is/was a band.

We used to kick a fair amount of ass.

We still kick a little ass when necessary.

Though Askimbo called it quits a few years back, we all still get together and make music from time to time, recently releasing an album, and playing the occasional reunion show. Mostly though, you can find us playing with various other projects about town. Zach and Medicine play together in the Grown Ass Man Band and Soul Tyme, John and Dave play together in a group called Muchly Suchwise, and everyone gets together to play the occasional Zombie Rock Opera.

There were many previous iterations of Askimbo before the final form, and many of the folks from those Askimbos are still kicking ass as well. Geoff Orwiler, Candra Rios (also a Suchwise/Vitaphilia collaborator), and James Romine play in Cure For Pain, along with Dave Miller, who many old Askimbo fans will remember as Katalyst alumni. They will be releasing a new album called Better? very soon. Geoff also plays in Thief River.

Howard Bridges is kicking the ass of Hamburg Germany as The Mighty Howard and Mighty Works Music.

Jon Goneau lives in Seattle and plays with The Hot McGhandis.

There's a bunch of other people too, but I don't think they want you to find them.


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You can contact the former members of Askimbo by way of their current projects. Or send an email and see what happens.